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A Scandinavian-origin trading community at Kiev appears to have been formed during the early 900s as an offshoot of the more northerly settlements, although it is possible that the Khazars still exercised hegemony in this area as late as [930]The titles attributed to the rulers of the Rus principalities are a source of confusion, in particular the use of "Grand Prince/Grand Duke" as opposed to "Prince/Duke", especially in relation to the rulers of Kiev and Vladimir.

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Here are some of the features I find useful: I didn’t want to just simplify the usage of these three classes, I wanted to improve upon their functionality to make it easier in use. While we can discuss the merits of combining these into a single class or not, sometimes it’s just nice to work with a single object.

Enjoy this home with fresh paint and carpet too (2017).

The vaulted ceilings in the main living area add to spacious feel.


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