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Gone are the days of love at first sight, as you lock eyes with a stranger across a crowded room.Nowadays, everyone’s eyes are locked onto their phones and to get their attention, you may have to get online.If, instead of genitalia, they have an extra face down there that just says “Sex” and “Hot sex” over and over again, you are wasting your time.5.Their giant birdhouse has no stolen art: If you sneak into their giant birdhouse and discover that it doesn’t even have a single piece of stolen artwork in it, then something is wrong.

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Or worse, you’re already doing it to another person.

Huge birdhouses should be filled with stolen art and birds the size of men. They’re not as good as Brad: If your current boyfriend doesn’t have Brad’s tan, muscular arms or that warm, irresistible laugh that always made you swoon, then you need to part ways immediately.7.

If finding love or a life companion is one of your priorities for the summer season, chances are that you’ll find yourself thrust into the world of online dating.

If their last relationship ended with a high-profile trial in which they were convicted of first-degree murder, they might not be relationship material.4.

Instead of genitalia, they just have an extra face that says “Sex” over and over again: It’s important to make sure you and the person you’re dating are compatible in the bedroom.


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