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[15-6-2017 ] Thomas Stief: I don't want to loose you [15-6-2017 ] Thomas Stief: You have no idea how much i love you... [] Thomas Stief: I will have a coffee and breakfast then i take my meds sweetie.. But for that travelling sweetie than I just need my money back sweetie [] Fanny De Witte: Without that money, I can t travel anymore sweetie. [] Thomas Stief: i will get that money as soon as i get off here sweetie okay...

And what about you [15-6-2017 ] Thomas Stief: I am worried about you sweetie...

In the reboot’s pilot episode, Mac and his team are dealing with a biological bomb that threatens to detonate in San Francisco.

(The device contains the same fluorescent-green material that was the stuff of ’s biological bomb that, yes, threatens to detonate in San Francisco.) In the course of preventing that from happening—in order to prevent, as Thornton puts it, “a damn catastrophe of Biblical proportions”—Mac attends a high-society party in Lake Como, in the manner of James Bond.

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[] Thomas Stief: One us together sweetie.. [] Thomas Stief: We have more than enough [] Thomas Stief: money still at the airport [] Fanny De Witte: Go and get that money sweetie, so that we can have a normal life again. [] Thomas Stief: Our money still hanging at the aiport... It is me who is hurt a lot, loosing everything in a few days for anothers consignment.

And while the original Mac Gyver was largely a loner, the new one operates as part of an ensemble: There’s Jack (George Eads), Mac’s wacky sidekick; and Wilt (Justin Hires), his roommate; and Nikki (Tracy Spiridakos), his girlfriend; and Riley (Tristin Mays), a hacker; and Patricia Thornton (Sandrine Holt), his M-esque boss.

(Her name is a nod to the original Mac’s best friend, Pete Thornton, the only character in the show who appeared regularly with Richard Dean Anderson.)That it-takes-a-village shift certainly gives the show’s writers more room to play and experiment with Mac and his adventures; it also, however, makes the show read distinctly like … may bring more chemistry—or, more precisely, more vaguely mansplainy discussions of chemistry—into the mix; beyond that, though, it’s hard to tell the new show apart from the many other shows that have, in the decades after the old Nearly everything here feels familiar.

Moved out of the states and settled here (in Portugal).. [] Fanny De Witte: Yes, don't blame me for all this. [] Thomas Stief: Thank you very much for being there for me.. You alone i trust and i do not want to sick no more because we have to be together..

[] Thomas Stief: it makes me's the reason am stuck here sweetie you know that.. I had a simple and good life before without all this worries and without being sick of it and in the hospital [] Thomas Stief: Fine... [] Thomas Stief: I will get allyour money back to you... The duty i think might be on everything on the consistent box sweetie..have to look for money sweetie and clear it all..


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