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Use full-fledged responsive features transparently, or write your own responsive rules.

We made it extremely easily control the charts using touch gestures.

The Supplements cover Alaska and the Pacific Island Territories.

The Chart Supplements includes data that cannot be readily depicted in graphic form: e.g., airport hours of operation, types of fuel available, runway data, lighting codes, etc.

Annotate and export charts dynamically to various formats including static images, SVG, PDF, Excel, and CSV. Enhance charting capabilities with a range of plugins built by am Charts team.

Easily setup and load external data sources in JSON or CSV formats. Resize your browser window, rotate the phone, watch the chart not just take the new shape, but adapt its contents and controls accommodate available space.

The Application Data zip file contains single page PDFs and an xml database for searching. The Cover-to-Cover zip file contains all nine supplements from cover to cover in Portable Document Format (PDF).

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For information on these publications, contact the author or Joanne Littlefield, Director, Extension Outreach and Engagement. Select publications are available in Spanish, click here to see the list.To increase efficiency and timeliness, Coast Pilot updates will only be posted on this website, and no longer be included in the Coast Guard Local Notice to Mariners.EES (pronounced 'ease') is a general equation-solving program that can numerically solve thousands of coupled non-linear algebraic and differential equations.Reduce the charts to complete minimal configuration to produce tiny but usable micro charts by disabling a few components like axes, legends and margins.Zoom or pan serial charts, drill-down to other data levels, select slices, toggle graphs using legend, display HTML-rich contextual info, or draw trend lines directly on chart.It facilitates the use of the IMCI case management process in practice and describes a series of all the case management steps in a form of IMCI charts.


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