Updating fedora 5 to fedora 6

Hit Enter to continue, Ctrl C to cancel or S Enter to skip. Going to resolve old .rpmsave and .rpmnew files before upgrading. (offline/online) offline ********** End of DNF plugin output ********** Download complete!Last metadata expiration check: ago on Mon Apr 25 2016. This step is highly recommended, but can be safely skipped. The downloaded packages were saved in cache till the next successful transaction.If you hit problem before step 6, you can run fedora-upgrade again after you resolve the problem.If you hit problem in later stage, you can resolve the issue manually and open fedora-upgrade as it is just bash script. But most steps after step 6 are optional, so it should not affect stability of your system.RPM Fusion provides software that the Fedora Project or Red Hat doesn't want to ship.

That means it is not tested by Fedora QA before release and bugs in fedora-upgrade are not blocker for release.The actions described in this article can damage existing filesystems and operating systems if not done carefully, or even if followed exactly.Please experiment first on a test box, and only proceed after creating current and tested backups if you value your data.RPM Fusion is a merger of Dribble, Freshrpms, and Livna; our goal is to simplify end-user experience by grouping as much add-on software as possible in a single location. The packages on this page are maintained and supported by their respective packagers, not the core team.Upgrading any operating system to a new release version can be time-consuming and fraught with problems.


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